The Hero’s Journey: 10 Best Spiritual Adventure Books

The Hero’s Journey is American scholar, Joseph Campbell’s, reference to the classic story pattern of innocence to adventure, adventure to challenge, challenge to growth, with the eventual reward of self-realization. Most fiction follows this path, but when it also contains a higher perspective of life as a spiritual quest, and the journey as the road to self-realization, […]

Shareable Inspiration

  Mechanics of Being loves to share! Here are inspirational images for you to use as you wish. Share them with friends, or keep them for yourself, and let the love and light of others inspire you. To add to your social media simply hover over image to activate icons, click and share. Check here […]

How to See Energy

Everything in reality is made of energy. But for most of us this can be a hard concept to comprehend because we are conditioned to perceiving the world as very real and solid. As children we are taught, for example, that a table is a table, and a plate is a plate, and that these […]

Why Aren’t You Meditating? Learn How Here.

Meditation is currently a popular topic in today’s digital world. There seems to be an endless supply of articles, techniques, and schools to teach it, which has unfortunately created the illusion that it is something that is difficult to learn, time consuming, and impossible to master. None of this is true. Not only is meditation […]