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What if I were to tell you that you are not who you think you are? Would you believe me? Since you know yourself to be a person, with a name and an identity and a life, you must be yourself, right? Well, yes, and also…not exactly.

Explore Your Identity

What is real is that you are aware of yourself in a physical body, so this is how you know yourself, it’s who you think you are. But understand that your body is made of 100% energy, as is everything else in this reality. And since you are made of the same material as everything else in this world, you are also the same as everything else in this world. So, yes, you are you, but you are also me, the Earth, the sky, your neighbor, a dog, and the trees…everything that is energy is also you.  It is only because you were taught to believe in boundaries that you have taken on an identity that believes it is separate.

Before this life, you existed as pure awareness without form. You didn’t have limits to your being. You were free- flowing energy and were therefore able to do everything that energy does. You existed as light and movement, able to go where ever you wanted, whenever you wanted, to create and express your being however you chose. You were totally and completely free. But then you were born, and all of that changed…or did it?

Upgrade Your Awareness

Lao Tzu QuoteYou are still pure energy with conscious awareness. The difference is that, as a human being, your awareness is currently focused on observing the field of energy collectively believed to be physical reality. Right now you are observing yourself as an individual person, living an Earthly life, and you are so absorbed in this observation that you don’t realize that you are more than this. If you want to know yourself, if you are searching for some understanding of life, or perhaps meaning and purpose, then you must learn to see yourself as more than just you.

Energy and awareness are your tools. They are what you have to work with. If you go about trying to figure out your life, or change it, simply by working within the physical world alone, you will not see the results you desire. It’s a lot like trying to build a skyscraper with only the materials for a shack. You will find you are short on supplies and cannot reach your goal if you chose only to see and work in the physical. Your only power resides in your ability to work with the true building blocks of reality – energy and conscious awareness. Learn the ways of energy and awareness, and you learn the ways of life.

Expand Your Being

The Mechanics of Being is about stretching the boundaries of your mind and your life.  It’s about learning to live within a new paradigm, one in which you understand yourself to be a being of energy – with consciousness, and without boundaries. Future posts will include exercises, stories, articles and ideas to help you adventure behind the curtain of physical reality, including various series designed to teach you about the mechanics of the human bio field, manifestation, patterns of being, personal frequency, meditation, and awareness exploration.

So… welcome, fellow mechanic of being! Life is a fantastic journey, full of wonder, miracles and amazement. There is much more for you to explore in this life than just the physical world, and there is much more to you than just your physical identity. Experience yourself as a being of energy and you will expand your mind, your horizons, and your life. Thank you for focusing your awareness here. I look forward to sharing and exploring with you.

Explore – Expand – Be


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